Italian honeymoon — the journey so far!

I’ve been largely “off the grid” these past few days in Italy — refusing to purchase an international data plan and relying on free public Wi-Fi will do that do you — but I wanted to check in briefly about the journey so far.

Short answer: I’m not at all sure that I will be able to drag myself onto the plane home next week.

I’ll post a more detailed accounting later, but for now, I’ll say that our first four days in Italy have been magical. Yes, we were exhausted and cranky when we arrived (overnight transatlantic flights are not our friends, clearly), but it’s been a wonderful series of adventures, surprises, new friends, gorgeous scenery… and yes, an unimaginable amount of food and wine.

I’ve been struck by how warm and friendly damned near every Italian we’ve met has been, and how many countries from around the world have been represented by our traveling companions in tours, restaurants, and so on. It’s been a delight, interacting with people from all over the globe.

Speaking of which, though we’ve met wonderful people from all over, we’ve specifically come away from our Tuscany adventures with new friends from England, Washington DC, Denver, and yes, even New York. (The world ain’t that small; New Yorkers are everywhere.) Naturally we’re already planning future adventures together.

Finally, without going into too much detail yet, I have to say that Florence is phenomenal. We’ve seen several places so far, and I’ve adored them all, but Florence takes first prize by a mile. (Or a kilometer, I suppose I should say.)

Ti amo troppo, Firenze…

Next up: Positano, on the Amalfi Coast.

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