The Big Reveal, take two

My husband Sal left NYC at the end of September to go on tour for three months, and lots of people  asked if I was going to go see him on tour while he was gone. Each time I pointed out that it’s expensive to travel, especially with the dogs needing to be boarded, so it was unlikely.

Well it turns out, I was able to go see him after all. And the best part was, he had no idea I was coming.

The truth is, I hadn’t expected to be able to go see him. Between the cost and the time away, it just didn’t seem feasible… Until Sal mentioned that they were going to have a few days off, consecutively… over Halloween weekend… in Orlando.

Now, him being off of work for a few days over a weekend was compelling enough, but when it turned out to be a big party weekend, and within a short drive of my home town, it was too good of an opportunity to miss. (The fact that flights were absurdly cheap only a couple of weeks out didn’t hurt, either.) So with the help of a few co-conspirators, I was able to make it happen.

Big thanks to one of Sal’s castmates for giving me the inside scoop on where he would be and when, so that I could book a hotel room at the same place for the same days. And thanks also to my mom for scheduling dinner with Sal, knowing (but not telling him!) that she’d be bringing me with her. Of course, I also have to thank Jen and Christina for driving over from Brevard County at different points, and my college buddy James for spending an evening with us too.

But the biggest thanks of all go to our friend Candace, who we knew from Charlotte but who now lives in Orlando. In addition to literally singing us down the aisle at our wedding, Candace also managed to score us some free passes to Universal Studios, so Sal and I got to go with his stage manager to see both Harry Potter villages, and then wander ’round the two parks seeing exhibits and riding rides.

Seriously, it was a great trip. I’ll forever cherish the memory of Sal’s indignant shout of, “I SEE YOU!” as he caught me approaching the hotel from the parking lot.


Mom brought a surprise +1 to dinner with Sal… ME!

PS: does this sound familiar? Yes, I’ve pulled a trick like this before… It took me 7.5 years, but I managed to get him again!

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