Professor GatorUptown

I’ve often joked about becoming “Dr. GatorUptown” after completing my Ph.D. program this year… Well, I still haven’t finished (only a few months to go, if all goes well!) but I do have a new title to add to my collection:

Professor GatorUptown.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve accepted an offer to teach at the college level, beginning next month. I’ll be teaching a course in leading change in organizations, which aligns with my academic training in Human Capital and leadership, but more importantly, fits nicely with the experience of working in a global bank over the past eleven years.

I need a pipe, and a smoking jacket with elbow patches, STAT.

Before anyone gets too excited, please note that I’m not leaving the business world anytime soon. This is just an adjunct teaching gig, teaching one class on the side. In fact, it wasn’t always a foregone conclusion that I would become a Professor at all; I’ve been pretty ambivalent about leaving my profession and going into academia. Beyond that, my Ph.D. program didn’t exactly encourage it.

One of the key components of most traditional on-campus Ph.D. programs is that you end up teaching courses as part of your training. This is based on the assumption that most Ph.D. graduates will end up teaching, of course… but my program doesn’t formally include that as a component. The program, after all, is more commonly sought after by professionals working in “industry” (as opposed to “academia”) so the practical uses of the knowledge are considered more important than the ability to teach it.

Call me greedy, perhaps, but I’d like to have the best of both worlds. So for awhile, at least, I’ll be juggling a full-time career in industry and dipping a toe in academia.  Wish me luck!

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