Help wanted!

In the near future, I’ll be starting the data collection for my Ph.D. dissertation, and the time has come to ask for some help. I need to find a couple of dozen people who’ll be willing to participate in an interview. And chances are very good that if you’re reading this, you are either a good candidate for the study, or you know someone who is.

Either way, I need your help.

I’m looking to interview people that have been in a leadership role with their Employee Resource Group, Employee Network, or whatever else an organization calls its diversity-themed groups. For example, for several years I was one of two (sometimes three) global co-chairs for my company’s LGBT group.

Specifically, I want to find people who’ve been in the highest leadership role for their group. In some cases, that’ll mean they were a “global chair”, whereas in others they may be called a “national lead”, and so on. Importantly, participants need to not do this as their full-time job, but rather as something they volunteer to do in addition to their regular job at the organization.

My plan is to do a simple one-on-one interview, probably by telephone (though I’m happy to meet folks in person if you’re in NYC or I’m traveling through your city in the coming months), and I’m assuming it will last between 45-60 minutes. You won’t be identified in the study, and your organization won’t be mentioned in the paper… Totally anonymous, entirely voluntary, and I’ll share the results with you when we finish.

No really… I need research participants.

Of course I’ll get into more details with people who volunteer to participate, including all of the legal disclaimers and whatnot. But for now, can you please help me find people who might be good candidates?

My ability to finish my Ph.D. on time and graduate is entirely dependent on whether or not I can find enough research participants in the next several weeks. If you have been an ERG leader, will you please feel out the brief form at the website below?  (And if you know someone who has, please ask them to go to the website linked below or email me at!)


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