Diversity & Inclusion, personified

Last year, I came out of a Diversity & Inclusion event and had a really discouraging confrontation with how biased people can be. Today, leaving another D&I event, I had a profoundly different experience.

I am delighted with the inclusive practices that Über demonstrated today.

At the conclusion of a two-day conference of Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders, I grabbed my phone to order an Über to the airport. I was surprised when the app asked me to provide my destination to the driver in advance, because normally it doesn’t provide that until you’re in the car. (This reduces drivers cancelling a trip because they don’t want to go to your destination.)

Imagine my surprise when this alert popped up on my phone:

Sure enough, the driver was deaf. He was pretty easy to understand, but just in case, he had a small whiteboard with him to write down questions or detailed comments that he wasn’t confident he could say clearly out loud.

We had a nice chat, with him reading my lips and responding aloud, and I shared a longer story with him (about why I was here) by typing out a long message on my phone.

I know people have complaints about Über for several reasons, some of them moral or ethical. I’ll just say that every Über driver I’ve ever spoken with about the company has raved about the opportunity and the flexibility… and today’s experience really showcased a very positive aspect of the company.

Thanks for the great customer service, Matthew. And thanks to Über for its inclusive hiring practices and respectful approach to educating customers.

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