Proposal APPROVED!

Exciting news: my dissertation research proposal has been approved! This means that I can finally begin my data collection to finish my study.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, now I have to get to work, and in one hell of a hurry.

Say it with me now: APPROVED!

I said in a previous post that my objective was to conduct my interviews in the month of March, and get the dissertation written up in April. Well, I’m literally halfway through March right now, and I’ve just gotten the green light to move forward. I’m going to be scurrying to get the interviews completed and stay on schedule.

Fortunately, I’ve made good progress identifying research participants. It started with my social media blitz begging for referrals, but I’ve also been traveling for work and meeting new Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders at conferences and such. I think I could pull together a good mix of people to interview right now, just with the folks that I’ve identified, and that’s before current participants refer me to others. Long story short, I think I’ll be fine.

The big question becomes: can I realistically finish this in time to walk across the stage the first weekend in June? That’s quite the mad dash to the finish line, and I’m not sure that it’s doable… It would be ambitious under ordinary circumstances, and that’s without now being a professor on the side, never mind everything that’s happening with my family.

I’d like to think that I can do it… but I’m nervous as hell. The safest bet may be to just let off the gas and plan to finish over the summer, with less of an aggressive timeline.

I suppose for now I should just keep pushing and see how things turn out, right?

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