“The Birdcage” drinking game

We have a lovely tradition of creating drinking games for favorite movies. Our Scream drinking game is lots of fun for die-hard fans, and our Clue drinking game is the stuff of legend.

This past weekend, we created a new one: “The Birdcage” drinking game.

We did some impromptu crowd-sourcing on social media, and came up with several rules. Amusingly enough, the first rule was suggested (in some variation) by almost everyone who weighed in on the subject. Here they are:

  • Every time Nathan Lane shrieks
  • Every time you see feathers
  • Every time Gene Hackman talks about candy
  • Every time Agador says “ju” (instead of “you”)
  • Every time Agador trips
  • And finally, the one that’s absolutely deadly: drink every time someone says the exact phrase “Senator Jackson”

Excited?  Appalled?  Both are appropriate reactions.

The first time we played, we actually only got through half of the movie before we needed to call it a night… we’ll have to revisit it sometime soon.

What other “The Birdcage” drinking game rules do you think we should’ve included?

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