Goodbye, Hagar

At 8:45pm on Friday the 13th — no, really — Bob England, known to many as Hagar, took his last breath and died peacefully in his sleep.

I was holding his hand when his chest rose and fell the final time.

His final lucid moment was trying to smack the nurse who kissed him on the forehead. That was oddly fitting.

After he died, my sister and I shaved his scraggly beard, and combed his hair, and made him presentable for his wife to come say goodbye one last time. It was profoundly fulfilling to give Dad this one last gesture of kindness. The man taught me to shave; shaving him one last time was the least I could do.

I will have a lot to say in the coming days and weeks. For now, I’ll share my heartfelt thanks to my husband, my mom, my brother and sister, my team at work, and my friends all over the world for their kind words and support.

And now I’m going to go to the beach and finish this bottle.

One Response to Goodbye, Hagar

  1. Kevin, I am so very proud of all that you have done for your daddy to help him into his next life. Having just gone through this myself less than 2 years ago with my daddy and then again this past Jan. with my mama, I know what you have done….how hard at times, how heartbreaking all the time…just everything it entails. I also want you to know how much your Uncle Glenn and myself have loved your daddy and how very much we will miss him being in this world with us. When your daddy called Glenn, we were ready to jump on a plane and come down there until your daddy said no, that isn’t how he wanted to play it. Glenn was able to talk to Bobby on the phone only a few times before Bobby could no longer talk to him. We would also be there now for you if Bobby would have allowed that. I feel everyone has the right to leave this earth the way they want to so, we honored your daddy’s wishes. I know he just didn’t want any pity….didn’t want to put any of us through all that but, it breaks our hearts that we couldn’t have helped in some way no matter how small. I want tell you…..Job well done Kevin. Your daddy saw you into this world and you saw him out of this world. You are a good son and I am proud of you. When you whisper good-bye to your daddy please tell him we loved him and will miss him. Thank you Kevin. Love, Peggy and Glenn

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