Italy, take two

For our honeymoon/anniversary/Sal’s birthday in 2015, we had a fabulous Italian adventure. Eyeing the conclusion of my Ph.D. a year later, we planned a celebratory return. Then my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and we postponed.

We’re trying again, and at this moment, we’ve made progress toward Florence but have hit a couple of hiccups.

Merda! We’re on vacation!

It started when we weren’t sure I’d even be in NYC to depart from. I had been on a work trip to San Francisco, and a massive snowstorm was scheduled to pummel New York. I changed my itinerary and managed to catch the first flight home Thursday, the morning before our Italian departure, when seemingly all other flights were cancelled.  Crisis averted.

Then Friday I stopped by the local bank to get some euros for our trip, and it turned out there was a death threat against an employee while I was there. I managed to get out just before the police arrived, so I didn’t have to give a witness statement, and I rushed home to keep getting ready for the trip.

Then, we were all set, packed and ready, and needed to drop the dogs off at the kennel on the way to the airport. Our car was more than ten minutes late, and traffic was a mess because of snow everywhere and lunatic drivers… but we made it to the airport on time.

All was good, until it came time to land in Düsseldorf.  Turns out, there was too much snow on the runway, and it reappeared as quickly as they plowed it. We eventually ran out of fuel, and diverted to Cologne to refuel and let Düsseldorf get ready for planes to land.

Now we’re here, at Düsseldorf, our second German airport in the last two hours… and still on the plane, because the stairwell driver is nowhere to be found.

We finally landed in Düsseldorf three hours after our connection to Florence departed. Fortunately, the airline automatically rebooked us on another flight to Florence in three more hours.

After all of this, you might be thinking that I’m stuck in a foul mood. But actually, I’m not. It’s all part of the story, no?

I’m on vacation, with my husband, and we have a fabulous adventure ahead of us for the next 10 days.

And on that note: they’re opening the cabin doors.  Hello, Germany!

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