Home, 2018 Edition

A few weeks ago I shared the news that we’d be leaving New York and moving to South Florida. Since then, we’ve been stalking real estate websites and quietly sneaking down to look at houses to rent… and we’ve found our new home.

Ladies and gentlemen, shit’s about to get real.

We’ve signed a lease for a house in West Palm Beach. The house will be about 5 miles from Sal’s work, and about 30 miles from campus. It has wood floors throughout, a giant open area that stretches from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen, two bedrooms and bathrooms in the front of the house, a garage that’s been converted into a guest house with its own bedroom and bathroom, and a lanai between them.


We’re going to be serving Golden Girls lanai realness, y’all.

I’ve been pretty blunt about not being excited about this move. I love living in NYC and don’t want to leave… And the stress of trying to find a home from a thousand miles away has been tough. But, now that the decision is made, the lease is signed, and we can start actually making progress on the move, I find myself feeling… excited?

We’re going to have a dining room, with space for a table that doesn’t have to be folded up and put away after eating. We’re going to have an office and a guest bedroom. We’re going to have a giant fenced-in yard, with direct access from a door in the master bedroom. We won’t have to worry about being quiet for neighbors on the other side of the wall, ceiling, or floor. No more feeling like the Noise Police and scolding guests for stomping when they walk!

Clearly, there are some things to look forward to here. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Logistics are still being finalized, but at this point we’re aiming for mid-March. Which means all you friends who’ve been threatening to visit us in NYC had better hurry, and all you New Yorkers who we haven’t seen in awhile need to get your phones out and find a date on the calendar for dinner.

Tick, tock.

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