Summer Adventures

It occurs to me that I may have left out an important detail in yesterday’s announcement about me going to Italy after the academic year ends.

I’m not actually MOVING there… yet. But I WILL be staying for five weeks.

Previous visits have been about exploring new parts of the country, showing friends some of our favorite places, and in general clinging desperately to our Italian joy during a week or so of vacation. This time, I’ve rented an apartment for more than a month, and I’m aiming to experience Italy very differently.

I won’t be hopping from town to town every few days. I won’t be eating at restaurants for every meal, or even every day. I’ll be grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, and hopefully getting to know some neighbors.

I’ll also be starting each day with several hours of immersion training in Italian language and culture for four of those weeks. I’ve found a language school there in Siena with good ratings and reviews, and am diving in.

In short: I’m looking to test drive actually living in Italy, for the month of July plus a few days on either end. Consider this a warning shot across Italy’s bow: we really are aiming to move there as soon as we can make it happen, and this is the first step of seriously moving coloring that.

What… did yesterday’s post make it seem like I was announcing something else?

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