The morning report

Even before coming here, I had a scheme: I wanted to find some cafe on the walking path to my morning classes, and stop in every day for an espresso and some chit-chat. I wanted to become a regular, my very own Norm to their Cheers. (Kids, ask your parents.)

Imagine my pleasant surprise upon arrival, to find that there’s literally a cafe outside the door to my apartment building.

So now, I spend a bit of time every morning at Bar Fusari to start my day. I’m a wild and spontaneous man, so I alternate between an espresso, a double espresso, and a cafe latte… and sometimes I go off the rails and get a little breakfast sandwich.

Introducing: Bar Fusari!

At a minimum, I’ll sit and watch the foot traffic as tourists mill about in groups, staring in shock at the buildings and avoiding eye contact at all costs. I also chat up the staff here, and I’ve quickly found myself on a first-name basis with Andrea and Chiara. (I make a point of leaning my head in and waving, with a vigorous ciao!, any time I’m leaving or returning to the apartment.) It’s definitely working, because by the third day they remembered my name, and Andrea even said “Hi, Kevin!” when she walked past me at lunch out in town a few days ago.

Tourists in their natural habitat… crowded together, milling about in the street

Now, before you judge: yes, it’s called “Bar Fusari”, so while you may be picturing me getting tanked every morning, rest assured that I am not. (I did have a glass of wine my first afternoon here, but shut up, I was celebrating my arrival.) It turns out “bar” is a very all-purpose descriptor here… you can get coffee, breakfast, a light lunch, an afternoon/evening snack, an afternoon aperitivo, and even a bottle of wine to take home with you for dinner. A “bar” here is a bit like a bodega in New York: your all-purpose stop-in.

Breakfast, coffee, and cocktails, all in one place… bliss!
What, your favorite cafe doesn’t have a wall of wine bottles for sale?

As someone who’s obsessed with being a “regular” at a favorite place (see: Whitewater Center in Charlotte, House of Brews in NYC, Cooper’s Hawk in West Palm Beach) this makes me very happy indeed.

One of my favorite things about the daily experience: when it’s time to leave, I smile and wave and give the staff a cheerful, “A domani!” (see you tomorrow), and they simultaneously return the favor in unison. It’s sort of our thing, y’know?

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